Monday, October 6, 2014

Back to School for Mama and Me

Back to school - it came full circle for Mama and me. I finally knew what it must've felt like for Mama to let go of her fat little crying boy and send him off to kindergarten. I had the same anxious feeling along with a knot in my stomach when I sent Mama to Senior Day Care.

I thought it would've been a good change for Mama to get out of the nursing home a few times a week. After all she'd get a chance to have a scenic ride in a van, be in a different environment, meet new friends and engage in artistic activities. These were things that she missed and complained about not having all the time. So I thought what a great idea... Senior Day Care! She even took center stage and sang a song on her first day, just like I did in school. But that didn't last long, end of Act One. She gradually turned into the child I was back in kindergarten and would often get combative and not want to go back to "school".

Senior Day Care

I tried reasoning with her, but as time went by I realized that the bottom line was Mama needed her routine. She didn't like change, even though the nursing home was less than perfect and she complained about there being "no life and nothing to do in this damn joint". It was easier for her, it was her comfort zone. So after several months, I gave in to Mama (just like she'd always give in to me as a child) and decided she didn't have to go back to day care. We spoiled each other. We're two of a kind and it came around full circle... back to school again for Mama and me.

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