Monday, December 20, 2021

Joy and the Purple Christmas Tree

Christmas trees always put a smile on Mama's face. It didn't matter what mood she may have been in, she would see a Christmas tree and automatically light up. It was almost childlike and very contagious.

I drove by Mama's old nursing home the other day. I wanted to see if the Christmas decorations were the way I remembered them and the way Mama loved them. They didn't seem as bright and cheery this year but maybe it was because Mama was gone.

This year I put up the little purple Christmas tree again (yes purple) the one that Mama loved to see every year at our place when we brought her over to celebrate. It still brings me joy remembering her smile and her saying "only you would have a purple tree"! We'd eat (pasta of course) play cards and sing during our Holiday celebration around that purple tree. I didn't realize it back then that we were making memories... I thought we were all just having a good time. 

*   *   *

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