Thursday, May 8, 2014

Memories of Mother's Day

Mama Lovin' Every Bite
Mama never wanted any gifts for Mother's Day. She'd never ask for jewelry or extravagant things. All she ever wanted was her spaghetti and meatballs! Of course she loved the flowers or clothes we'd buy her, but all she really wanted was for us to be together and eat her favorite meal.

I remember our last Mother's Day together. It was similar to other times when we'd pick her up and bring her over to our place.
Mama's "Bling"
From the moment we picked her up she'd say "thank God, you're here... I'm starving." The "I'm starving" would continue until we ate. We'd talk and sing nonstop to keep her mind off the food until it was ready. She would come up with a song for almost anything that we'd talk about. It was amazing to see how she'd take words from our conversation and put them into words from a song. But then you couldn't shut her up even when the food was on the table. She'd finally say "Okay, enough singing, I'm wearing myself out, let's eat."  

Memories of Mama and eating... the two go together. Ever since I can remember, Mama would be a bit messy eating. Okay, she was a sloppy eater, she'd drop food everywhere. It would land on her, on the table, on the floor but she'd continue to shovel it in. She loved every bite she took! Mother's Day was no different!

Mama's Favorite Dish

At the end of the night she'd want some coffee and cake. Always had to have her coffee and cake, it was a routine. We'd enjoy dessert and then we knew she was tired because she would say "When are you gonna take me back? Oh my God, I ate like a pig, I'm exhausted."

In memory of Mama this Mother's Day we'll go out and have spaghetti and meatballs. We'll be thinking of Mama singing, dropping her food and not leaving till she had her coffee and cake. And this year we won't leave until we have our coffee and cake either.

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