Saturday, June 22, 2019

Moments of Pride

June is a very special month for me for two reasons. It's Alzheimer's Awareness month and it's Gay Pride. Mama and I have always supported each other... we were proud of each other and were blessed!

She always accepted me for being myself... and she loved the New York Gay Pride Parade. She would sit outside the nursing home and engage with "her audience". She loved the attention (no surprise) and they enjoyed her bawdy sense of humor!

As Alzheimer's caregivers we were there with Mama for many years and made her smile and sing. Did I say sing? Yes, she sang for anyone and everyone. It was great therapy for all of us... it got us through a lot of rough times (and there were plenty).

It's June again and during this month when it's Gay Pride's 50th Anniversary I know that many other Gay caregivers are with their loved one and who knows... they might just be singing "Over the Rainbow".

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