Saturday, March 28, 2015

Back at The Palace Theatre on Broadway - Memories of Mama

On Broadway
We recently went to see "An American in Paris" at The Palace Theatre on Broadway. It was one of Mama's favorite MGM musicals. She loved Gene Kelly (who didn't) and Leslie Caron in one of Vincente Minnelli's most lavish creations. She loved Minnelli so much she'd tell me I was named after him. I always thought I was named after my grandfather, but then again that was Mama's story.

"Minnelli on Minnelli" at the Palace

The last time the three of us went to The Palace Theatre was to see "Minnelli on Minnelli". It was Liza Minnelli's loving tribute to her father's films. It was also Mama's last Broadway show... and you know she loved her Liza! I was feeling very nostalgic during "An American in Paris" on stage remembering us watching the movie over and over on the late late show marathon. Mama and I loved our musicals!

MGM Classic
I knew that if she was with us at the show she'd be in heaven. At the end of her favorite songs, she would've been yelling "One more time" just like she did at Liza's show. That's the way Mama rolled. She loved her music, and that's when she came alive. 

During the curtain call at "An American in Paris" I stood with the rest of the audience as I yelled out "One more time" just like Mama. Oh my God, I guess we're a lot alike.

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