Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Sometimes Ya Need A Break

Being caregivers for Mama for so many years has taken a toll, so we needed a little break. A time to pause, reevaluate and gather our thoughts so that we could help other caregivers and continue her story.

Caregiving 101 was like second nature to me. I knew myself and Mama too well, we were both drama queens - highly emotional without any filters. If I wasn't feeling 100 percent, I knew I couldn't give 100 percent. I knew we had to distract Mama to make everyone happy... or at least get through it.

When we were caregivers there weren't many resources available to us. We were pioneers on a new territory, so we went with our feelings and what worked best for us. Men weren't the typical caregivers, let alone a Gay couple. Many times we did what was not suggested by the professionals, but back then we knew what worked for Mama... and us.

We used music, humor, pampering and pet therapy before it became "a thing". We took videos and photos before most did this (she wasn't happy unless the camera was on her). It became a therapy that worked for all of us. Mama always wanted her story told.  She didn't really care which story it was - she had many (remember I did say she was a drama queen). Lo and behold, "Some Of These Daze" was born. It's a play we worked on with Mama and will continue to develop until her story has been told.

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