Friday, February 27, 2015

Parsley and Nerves - Memories of Mama

Ever since I can remember Mama always told me that parsley was good for the nerves. I haven't done any Google searches to prove her theory, but what I do know is that Mama was always "a nervous wreck" so I don't think it ever worked.

I'd always question her and asked "if parsley was supposed to be so good for your nerves, why doesn't it work for you"? She never had an answer but would still insist that I should eat my parsley. I ate it thinking what have I got to loose? Mothers know best and maybe it would work for me.

We'd be at a restaurant and there would always be parsley garnish on our plates. We'd look at each other and I'd wait for it... "Eat your parsley, it's good for your nerves". I'd laugh as we both would eat it knowing it did no good for either of our nerves.

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