Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mama and Her World Series

Mama loved baseball. She loved the Yankees, but she'd settle for the Mets. In her last few years she'd still watch the World Series and root for the Yankees no matter who was playing. Since living in California, the Giants were the team to root for - the "home team". It didn't matter to Mama, baseball was baseball and that meant the Yankees were always playing... even when it was the Giants.

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World Series - Mama Serenades the Home Team

Vin: What are you watching on TV?
Mama: What the hell do you mean? It's the World Series, the Yankees are winning.
Vin: Ma, it's the Giants.
Mama: It's the Yankees! Our home team's winning.
Vin: Well, you're half right. Our home team, the Giants, are winning.
Mama: Don't give me a hard time, it's a damn good game.
Vin: Yes it is Mama.
Mama: I could go for a hot dog right now.
Vin: Of course you could.

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