Sunday, October 19, 2014

I Gotta Sing for My Supper

Mama: What's the matter?
Vin: I don't feel so great.
Mama: Well if ya want sympathy, go to the card store!
Vin: Ma, is that any way to talk to your son?

Mama Showing Sympathy 

Mama: Gimme me a break will ya. What about the way you spoke to me when you were a teenager?
Vin: What are you talking about? You can't remember what you had for dinner but you can remember that?
Mama: Dinner? I'm still waiting for my dinner.
Vin: Ma you're full of shit, you ate dinner over two hours ago.
Mama: Oh, go to hell. I'm starving and you always had a potty mouth.
Vin: Where do you think I got it from?
Mama: How would I know I thought I had dinner already!
Vin: I can't follow this conversation. Why don't you sing me a song?
Mama: Sing? You want me to sing a song now too? What do I gotta sing for my supper?
Vin: Ma, you love to sing.
Mama: Yeah I love to sing but I love to eat too.
Vin: So sing for me.
Mama: Jesus Christ, you want all of me?
Vin: What?
Mama: Do you want me to sing "All of Me"?
Vin: Yeah sing it and swing it...

(If you can't view the video above, click this link: Mama Swinging All of Me)

Vin: I needed that... it's just what the doctor ordered. I feel better now.
Mama: Good, now can I have my dinner?
Vin: We've been through this, you already had your dinner.
Mama: Oh Jesus, you have no sympathy.
Vin: Sympathy? I'll send you a card. Goodnight Mama.

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