Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mama the Actress

Ever since I can remember Mama was an actress. Well let's put it this way - she always gave me drama. From early on in life, her dream was to be an actress or a singer. The ironic thing is that Mama was always an actress... she just didn't know it. And as far as singing... you couldn't shut her up!

Her audience changed over the years. First it was just the family and friends, but as time went on anyone that met her loved her. In her later years her fans were the nursing home staff and the residents... and of course the readers on our blog. She loved that people were reading about her and watching her videos. She was bigger than life with a great sense of humor even at the darkest moments.

As we continue to develop our play "Some of These Daze" about Mama and our lives as her caregivers, we're still her biggest fans. She wouldn't want it any other way. When people ask me if Mama was an actress, I just tell them that she taught me to "never share a spotlight or a microphone". She was a character! My mother the actress... always ready for her close up and an audience.

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