Tuesday, September 2, 2014

You're Driving Me Crazy

As we entered the main room in the nursing home we saw Mama. I could tell she was not in a great mood and appeared anxious. She seemed inpatient and was busily searching through her bag and then she'd look out the window into the garden. She did this a few times before she realized we were standing in the doorway. She smiled for a moment and then she started...

Mama: Oh my God, what the hell am I living this way for? I can't find anything. I'm all alone.

Vin: What are you saying? You still have us, don't you?

Mama: Yeah, I'd be lost without you two.

Vin: Well your not lost yet. It's late, do you wanna head back to your room? You can watch some television and rest your legs.

Mama: Okay, that sounds good, I had a long day. Which way is my room?

Vin: You don't know?

Mama: It's down the hall somewhere... upstairs, downstairs, I don't know. I told you I'd be lost without you two. You drive me there.

Vin: Okay, you have everything in your bag?

Mama: Yeah, why? Where are you taking me?

Vin: Back to your room.

Mama: I don't wanna go back yet.

Vin: You just said you had a long day and wanted to get back to your room.

Mama: Okay whatever you say. You always know everything.

Vin: Mama, you're driving me crazy.

Mama: Oh Yeah? And you're just driving me... back to my room. So what are you waiting for? Let's go!

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