Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mama, Music and Memories

Mama and I are more alike than I care to admit.  I realize it more and more especially now that she's gone. Music got us through a lot. It helped make her forget her ailments or whatever was happening in the nursing home. It changed her mood and she came alive.

Music does the same for me, in fact I always have music playing. It can put me in a good mood. It can help prepare me for something I may not be looking forward to doing or help me out of a funk. Music can be magical and it has gotten Mama and me through many rough times. We would sing and she'd know all the words to songs - it was amazing. Other times she'd make up the words and we'd laugh that she could still get through a song by putting her own spin on it. Music is a powerful tool especially for someone that has Dementia. 

If you can't view the video above, click on this link: Our Last Duet

This photo was taken at The Talent Show and is one of our final duets together. It can be heard in the above video link. I'll always be grateful that I had the three M's... Mama, Music and Memories.

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