Friday, May 31, 2013

I'm Famous... I Love It !!!

During one of our nightly visits, Douglass & I talked to Mama about our blog. We explained (again) to Mama that people from all over the world enjoy reading about her & love her videos. We read her a few comments & showed her some of her videos that we posted on YouTube...

Vin: Mama, what do you think about that? Everybody loves you!

Mama: I love it! I guess I'm finally famous.

Douglass: Did you always want to be famous?

Mama: I don't know, but when I was younger I wanted to be a movie star.

Douglass: So what happened?

Mama: Ahhh, it was too late!(she sighs) I would imitate all the stars, I was a "Creepy Jeep". 

Vin: I never heard that word before. What's a "Creepy Jeep"?

Mama: Someone who doesn't know what she wants. So now you know what's a "Creepy Jeep".

Douglass: What do you think about the fact that some famous people are reading about you now?

Mama: Why would they be interested in me?

Vin: Don't you think that you're interesting?

Mama: Well I guess so. I have a beautiful career...

Vin: What? Whaddya mean a beautiful career? 

Mama: You said I was famous. So, everybody loves me - that's my career. I have a beautiful career!

Douglass: Yes you do & you know that everybody loves you.

Mama: So, famous people may read about me & I read about them & thats all there is to it. Most of them have mansions & I can't even have my spaghetti & meatballs. So much for being famous.
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  1. Hi Vin and Douglass. I love your Mama stories, so much. My Mom rarely speaks now, and I miss our,hours long, phone calls. We could really get into it on the phone! It was like we were in our own private world, and no one could intrude.I know how you must miss your Mama. I miss mine, and she's still living. <3

    1. Hi there, So glad you enjoy our Mama stories!
      I understand that you miss your long conversations. Fortunately we made the best with our situation and made the most out of what we had. I know you are grateful that your mom is still around, but there may be a void. The only suggestion we can offer is to try and enjoy whatever time you can share and try to smile, laugh and be strong.