Saturday, May 25, 2013

Does Anyone Hear Me?

Mama is sitting by the nurses station near her room. Douglass & I can see her as we walk down the hallway for our nightly visit. She is sitting in her wheelchair & is around a few other residents. There doesn't seem to be much conversation, only the energy that surrounds the nurses station. We say our hellos & she smiles & looks happy for a moment...

Mama: Get me the hell out of here! They're all dead in this place.

Douglass: You wanna go out to the garden to get some air & play some cards?

Mama: Yeah, anyplace where there's some kind of life! (I roll my eyes)

We wheel her down the hall towards the elevator to go to the garden downstairs. We pass by a few ladies that are in the hallway & Mama waves to them.

Mama: Hello. Hello ladies. I said HELLO! (No response from either of the ladies, just blank stares)
What the hell is wrong with them? They can't even say hello? They're a bunch of morons in this damn place - especially that one with the fat ass.

Vin: Ssshh, they can hear you! They're standing right there.

Mama: To hell with them, I want them to hear me.

We get in the elevator & Douglass & I wonder if it's going to be a good night or a bad night. We wheel her out into the garden & it's beautiful & sunny outside.

Mama: Look at the sky, it's gonna rain.

Vin: It's sunny & clear. 

Mama: It's gonna rain. My hands & legs are killing me, that means it's gonna rain.

Vin: Your hands & legs are always killing you & its not gonna rain.

Mama:(She burps loudly as she eats her Oreo). Ohhh, I'm sooo sorry, I'm such a pig. Oh my God, it's gonna rain tomorrow. Do you hear me?

Douglass: Yes Anna we hear you, everyone can hear you.(Douglass & I start to laugh).

Mama: Oh, good I got some laughs (she starts to laugh) hahahaa. I'm sooo funny, aren't I? 

Then without a pause, she knows she has her audience & starts singing... 
"I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain. My hands & legs are killing me, but I'm singing in the rain"... She continues to laugh hysterically.

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