Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Memories of Mama

This is the first Mother's Day without Mama. We will be remembering our mothers. We'll be together... but alone. 

Douglass & I remember last Mother's Day & we laugh. We are lucky to have so many funny things that happened that didn't necessarily seem funny at the time, but do now.

It was tough to transport Mama from the nursing home & get her in the car so we could have her over for dinner. She was pretty much confined to the wheelchair, was overweight & needed both of us to get her in & out of the car. She would carry on & scream - scared & unable to stand on her own as we tried to maneuver her. We'd realize how silly the situation was & she'd start laughing hysterically & she would sometimes even wet herself. Okay, once I did too!

When we finally got her situated in the wheelchair, things got better, but then she'd constantly complain about her ass. "Oh, my ass is killing me, my ass is killing me". This would go on throughout the night. Once again, we had to crack up (no pun intended) because it was funny. 

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From the moment we picked her up she'd say "thank God, you're here... I'm starving." The "I'm starving" would continue until we ate. She'd sing nonstop - you couldn't shut her up! She would have a song for almost anything that we talked about. She would often say "Okay, enough singing, I'm wearing myself out. Besides my ass hurts & I want some coffee & cake. When are you gonna take me back? Oh my God, I'm exhausted."

Ever since I can remember, Mama would drop her food. It would land on her, on the table, on the floor but she would still continue shoveling in the food. Mother's Day was no different!

We'd keep her busy after dinner by playing cards, watching old musicals & making phone calls to family. Sometimes she didn't want to bother making the calls, other times she'd be very eager to hear familiar voices. Eventually we'd give in to Mama & she'd finally devour her "coffee & cake".

This year there won't be any presents for Mama. There won't be any special pasta dinner for Mama. There won't be the nonstop laughing or singing. There won't be the total exhaustion Douglass & I felt when we'd collapse on the couch after bringing Mama back to the nursing home & put her to bed. This year we don't have Mama, but we do have our memories of Mother's Day.

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