Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sundaes with Mama

The rare amount of times Douglass & I are able to fly first class (thanks to rewards miles) I think of Mama & her one & only airplane flight. She never flew her entire life, but we made sure she was booked on a first class ticket to bring her with us from NYC to CA.

We were both worried that she might freak out & not do well on the flight. But we hadda plan, we kept her entertained the entire trip by singing & watching video clips of old musical numbers. When this didn't work, we'd plug her into our iPod, but the earplugs kept falling out & she'd curse & carry on... it was quite comical. She kept saying that she loved the flight & felt like the plane was hardly moving. She was in seventh heaven eating nonstop & lucky for us they served lasagna! But the biggest treat for Mama was when they rolled the ice cream cart down the aisle & she had a big custom made sundae. 

We remember this every time the ice cream cart rolls out in first class & think - this one's for you Mama!

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