Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mama Loved Her Rainbow Parade

Douglass & I are back "home" in NYC for a visit. It's Gay Pride & we pass by the nursing home where Mama lived before we all moved to California. We remember how much Mama loved her "Rainbow Parade."

It didn't matter to Mama about Gay, Straight or whatever (she was definitely ahead of her time). She just loved the fact that she was able to sit on the bench outside of the nursing home & be entertained all day long. She enjoyed the parade & those that passed by gave Mama some extra attention because she was having so much fun. She'd recall the time when a bunch of men dressed as nurses sat with her on her bench & kept her laughing until she wet herself! 

Not too much phased Mama - we were ALL the same to her. One year during Pride we took Mama to a lesbian restaurant for brunch that was nearby. After we got seated & started eating, Douglass asked her if she knew that she was eating at a famous lesbian hangout... her response was "it's all the same shit. Who gives a damn? I love the french toast here". 

As Pride unfolds all around us this year & DOMA is repealed, we remember the fun times with "Anna with a Z" in the Village at her Rainbow Parade.

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