Thursday, October 11, 2012

Some of These Daze ...

It's Sunday, we are in the hospital & Mama is getting another blood transfusion. In between complaining, napping & talking, she starts singing. Singing is important & has always been a part of her life.

As far back as I can remember, Mama's sisters & brothers would sing & play their guitars at family gatherings. There was always music in the house. When I ask her about those times she says "If my brothers played, I felt good. Oh I miss those times, we always had fun singing together."

She tells me stories of how she "always wanted to be a singer" when she was growing up. I remember the sound of her voice singing in church, it's no surprise to me that she is most alive when she sings. It can change her mood & everyone around her. Singing is a powerful tool!

There have always been Talent Shows in both of Mama's nursing homes. She looks forward to being a part of them & has won many contests! As many of you may know from her videos, she will start singing when she doesn't want to answer a question OR to change the subject OR because she forgot what we were talking about.

A week ago was the annual Talent Show & she was riding high. This week she was in the hospital getting a transfusion, a definite low. The roller coaster ride continues with Mama.

This year I joined Mama & sang a few songs with her... something I would never do as I was growing up! I'd say "Oh nooo, they're playing guitars & singing those old songs again." Times have changed & now singing those old songs has become a part of our daily ritual.

We shot two short videos of the Talent Show. Here's one of the videos we'd like to share with you. She loves the applause & the attention, but then who doesn't? Especially for someone who still wants to be a singer when she grows up.

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