Sunday, September 23, 2012

Any Phone Calls Today?

I noticed Mama was a little sad, so we wheeled her out to the garden which usually helps her mood. We were trying to see where the sadness was coming from...

Vin: What's going on with you today, Mama? You don't seem too happy.

Mama: Not a DAMN thing! Everybody forgot about me.

Vin: Nobody has forgotten you. Did you get any phone calls today?

Mama: Nahh, they're all dead.

Vin: Who is all dead? Whaddya talking about?

Mama: My family - they're ALL dead to me.

Vin: Okay, so you didn't get any phone calls today. Maybe someone will call tomorrow?

Mama: Nahh, no one is gonna call me - not even Aunt Jo... then I remembered she was dead. What the hell am I talking about - trying to get a phone call from a dead woman?

She starts to laugh hysterically & we gotta laugh with her. At least we were able to help change her mood & all was forgotten... for the moment.

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