Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day with "Anna with a Z"

I remember when I was growing up, Mama was a mother to everyone! All of my friends loved my mother, they always wanted to visit & hang out at our apartment. 

Mama was always a second mother to many... starting with her nieces, my half brother, my cousins & even some of my friends. Everyone loved Anna! She often took the place of their absent parents. 

As time moved on & things have changed, the tables have now turned. She feels lonely, isolated & forgotten. She often says "where are they all now?" I try to smooth it over & explain that people have their own lives & most aren't nearby anymore. Sometimes she says "the hell with them", other times she recalls stories of her glory days with "her children". She would take some of them to Radio City Music Hall to see the Easter Show or the Christmas Show & even Frank Sinatra at The Paramount.

I have stopped making excuses for many & just try to be in the present moment with Mama. Aware that this could be our last "memory" of a Mother's Day together.

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