Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chanting "OM" with Mama - Mind, Body AND Spirit

Mama & I have our daily rituals during our visits. We sing, we play cards, we do breathing exercises & then we do some physical exercises. Some of the exercises we do, were ones that I learned while studying Yoga. Occasionally we even do breathing exercises that may lead to singing &/or chanting "OM". During this particular visit, Anna had some fun while chanting her OM's. She even commented that if anybody were to hear her, they'd think she was crazy - she also told me to go to hell... so much for positive energy. It's all about mind, body AND spirit!


  1. You are welcome Patricia & glad you enjoyed it. Please spread the word!

  2. Vini, Thanks for sharing this link with me--I smiled watc
    hing dear Anne sing and talk--she is absolutely amazing--cherish every minute with her--I wish my mom was here with me--give her hugs and kisses!!Oh and by the way you are an an awesome son to your mom!!xoxoxoxo

    1. Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for your kind words. It has its ups & downs, but we get through it. Please spread the word about my Blog to other caregivers or people that deal with Dementia & Alzheimer's.