Saturday, May 5, 2012

"I Have Some Money"

During my visit with Mama the other night, we were cleaning out her bag. We do this often as she likes to wrap & save food that she doesn't finish at meal time. She pulled out her leopard change purse, took out a dollar bill, looked at it, then put it back in the purse. We started to talk about money.

Vin: Why haven't you ever saved any money?

Anna: Oh, your damn father was a gambler.

Vin: Well, why didn't you try to save some money separately?

Anna: Oh,I have some money!

Vin: You do?

Anna: Sure, I have a couple of hundred in the bank. When I drop dead, you'll have a couple of hundred.

I started laughing which made her start laughing. I put another two dollars in her purse. I told her that was for making me laugh. She looked at me & smiled... it was a good night.


  1. Oh, I can so relate, Vin! I help my mom clean out her purse and her rolling walker (which has a good-sized pouch under the seat) and there is all sorts of stuff in there. Also, my mom is totally focused on money, but she has lost her sense of the different bills and how much they are worth. She is actually more focused on the pennies and dines, and is so delighted to win a "pot" at cards and bring home 15 cents! Your mama says some funny things and I'll be back to read more. Thanks so much, Nancy

  2. Thanks for your feedback, Nancy. Laughter & singing does get us through a lot of challenging situations & it is difficult without much of a support team.
    Continued success with your blog & we'll be in touch, Vin