Thursday, June 30, 2016

"Here's a Mint" - Memories of Mama

During Mama's last year she often complained about her stomach. If she wasn't starving, she had heartburn or a tummy ache or a funny taste in her mouth. But the one thing Mama never lost was her sense of humor and salty tongue. This was a typical night with Mama, I still remember it like it was yesterday... 

Mama: My stomach is upset.
Vin: Here's a mint, it'll make you feel better. Let it melt in your mouth.
Mama: Well where do think it's gonna melt... in my ass?
Vin: Only if you put it there, Mama. Only if you put it there!
Mama: Oh, you're very funny. You're a regular comedian.
Vin: I learned it from you.
Mama: Yes you did, my son.

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