Friday, July 31, 2015

Filling In The Blanks - Memories of Mama

If life is made up of memories, what happens when you lose your memory? Is your life over? Or just the life you once had? Is your life just the pieces that you're able to remember? It's all a puzzle, it's a game where no one comes out a winner.

Do you fill in the blanks? Or just let your loved one fill them in and make it up... if they still can. These are questions that caregivers have every day. I know we felt this way and sometimes it was like we were all playing "The Wheel of Fortune". How ironic that this was one of Mama's favorite game shows.

There were many nights that none of us could buy a vowel and those were challenging nights, but thank you anyway Vanna White. We're still "filling in the blanks" as we continue to develop our play "Some Of These Daze" just like we promised Mama that we would.

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