Saturday, June 20, 2015

Father's Day - Memories of Mama

During our nightly visits with Mama, we would reminisce and talk about "the good old days". This was usually safe territory because Mama was able to make up or elaborate on things that had happened. She had a better recollection of the past than I did, it was her short term memory that was the problem.

A few years ago on Father's Day I asked Mama to tell me and Douglass something she remembered most about my father. She looked at me like I was crazy.

Mama: Your father? You want me to talk about your father?

Vin: Yeah, Mama tell me the first thing that comes to mind about Dad. Tell Douglass something about him, he never got to meet him.

Mama: Well Douglass, my husband was a gambler.

Douglass: He liked to gamble?

Mama: Where the hell have you been? Of course he liked to gamble! He loved to gamble - the horses, the numbers, cards, you name it he did it all. We never had any money because of his father.

Vin: Ma, is that all you're going to say about Dad? It's Father's Day after all, say something nice.

Mama: Well, I miss that son of a bitch. Why the hell did he have to leave me?

Douglass: He left you? Where did he go?

Mama: He left me, he's six feet under. God rest his soul, he was a good man, but what a gambler!

Vin: Ma, it's Father's Day.

Mama: What do you want me to say? Happy Father's Day, wherever the hell you are! Now let's play some cards.

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