Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mama and Yoga and Chanting - Oh My!

Mama Exercising
Mama and I had our rituals during our daily visits. We sang, we played cards, we did breathing exercises and always ended with some physical exercises. Some of the exercises were ones I did while teaching Yoga. We did breathing exercises that lead to singing and chanting "OM", the universal Yogic sound representing past, present and future. 
Mama Wearing Her Favorite Shirt

During the visit in the video below, Mama was wearing one of her favorite shirts (I made it for her). She held her "OM" until she ran out of breath. We would do this to help strengthen her breath. She said "if anybody hears me, they'll think I'm crazy."  Later on she told me "to go to hell with this Hari Om crap"... so much for positive energy. It's all about mind, body AND spirit. Mama definitely had the spirit!

If you can't view the video, click on this link: Chanting OM with "Anna with a Z"  

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