Monday, December 9, 2013

Mama & Her Christmas Music

Mama loved the holidays! Any excuse for a family get together... Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas. This will be the first Christmas we won't be together and it won't be the same. I know she'll be enjoying herself up in Heaven with her family - cooking, eating, singing and playing cards.

The two of us were similar in many ways but very different in others. We both loved to sing especially show tunes or songs from old MGM Musicals. Mama also loved Christmas music, it cheered her up and she never got tired of it. I've always disliked Christmas music, it always depressed me and got me annoyed. Christmas music changed both of our moods - hers got better, mine got worse. 

This year I'll remember Mama and how she'd light up when she heard and sang those Christmas songs. Perhaps when I hear them from now on, I can smile and maybe even sing a long thinking of Mama and her love of the music.

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