Friday, November 22, 2013

Let's Put On A Show...

Judy and Mickey
Mama loved old musicals, she'd be having a heck of a time if she saw how our show "Some of These Daze" was going. It reminds me of "Judy and Mickey" putting on a show together at MGM.

Douglass and I wrote a play about "Our Daily Dose of Dementia" and our life as caregivers for Mama. Our play was accepted into the Fringe Festival and we thought all we hadda do were a few rewrites, audition actors and co-direct. Well the Judy and Mickey show has turned into a Streisand project! 

We had our hands in everything. We did some rewrites, we had to play two of the roles, we co-directed, we gave our input for lighting, edited the sound and found the costumes. We borrowed the props and set, we designed the flyer and did all the "social media" to get the word out.

Everything's Coming Up Roses...
We're heading towards opening night, and can't help but wonder what Mama would be saying about this entire process if she were here. We're putting on a "Judy and Mickey" show and Mama loved them! We know she'd be having a ball throughout this whole process, she'd probably be singing along to her songs from the audience. She'd especially love this show, coz she's the star and it's all about her. And boy... she loved the attention!

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