Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Do You Have My Number?

The phone rings earlier than usual. It's the nursing home calling and I start to think the worst. What's going on this time? Is everything alright? My heart starts to race as I take a few deep breaths, pick up the phone and say hello...

Mama: Hello, Vincent.

Vin: Hello, Mama. Are you alright?

Mama: Oh yeah, I'm fine. Do you have my phone number? I called because I wanna make sure you have my number.

Vin: Yes, of course I have your number. It's the same number you've had, it hasn't changed.

Mama: Okay, and you know where I am don't you? I'm at the hospital.

Vin: Of course I know where you are.

Mama: Will I be seeing you later?

Vin: Of course, Mama. I'll be seeing you after your dinner just like I do every night.

Mama: Well then, be careful coming over and watch the street when you cross. Oh, here comes the food, I gotta go! I gotta eat dinner now... I'm starving, I hope it's something good tonight. They serve a lot of crap in this place, oh good it looks like spaghetti. Bye bye dear.

I never know what's coming next whenever the phone rings and that's why I never shut my phone off. It's another part of our roller coaster ride that takes us up and then swoops us back down. It can make us cry and sometimes it just makes us all laugh. That's our daily dose of Dementia.

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