Friday, March 29, 2013

"Good Night My Love"

I was feeling guilty that Douglass & I couldn't get back in time for our nightly visit with Mama. When she had the nurse call me (for the 2nd time) on my cell phone, I reminded her that we wouldn't be back in time to visit. Her tone became lighter & she started to sing me a song from one of her favorite performers, Shirley Temple.

Goodnight my love, Your Mommy is kneeling beside you, Goodnight my Love, To dreamland the Sandman will guide you. Come now you sleepy head, Close your eyes go to bed. My precious sleepyhead, You mustn't play peek-a-boo..” (this went on for awhile - how does she remember these words?)

I listened as she finished the song & said thank you, Mama. I told her that it was a very nice rendition of the song. I love you & sorry we can’t be there tonight, but we’ll see you tomorrow. Thank you for being my best friend & making me smile (I was having a stressful night & she sensed it). I love you.

She said thank you. I love you too, my son.

I said goodnight Mama.

She said goodnight & repeated "you're going to see me tomorrow, right?"

I said of course Mama! Then I started to sing "Goodnight My Love" as tears welled up.

I knew that Mama was getting weaker & I wasn't sure how many more songs she had left in her. But she still was able to cheer me up & bring a smile to my face. I guess mothers always know what to do. 

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