Sunday, July 1, 2012

"That's My Baby"

As I walk into Mama's room, I notice that she is humming & holding one of her stuffed animals. She wins these as prizes at the nursing home during their bingo games. She looks up at me & she caught me slightly off guard.

Vin: Hi Mama, what the hell are you doing?

Mama: I'm singing to my baby.
(I start to freak out a little )

Vin: Whaddya mean your baby?

Mama: That's my baby.

Vin: Mama, that's a stuffed dog.

Mama: I KNOW it's a stuffed dog, but it keeps me company.
(A sigh of relief, she knows it's a stuffed dog & NOT a baby)

Vin: Ok, what song were you singing?

Mama: "Yes, sir that's my baby."

I wheel her out of her room & into the garden as we start singing together.
"Yes sir thats my baby, no sir I don't mean maybe..."

That's HER baby & That's MY Mama!


  1. Well, her four legged babies are going to visit this week. Zep had to have a little ER surgery but we are all fine and ready to go on the road. Hope you guys are having fun.

  2. This one touched my heart b/c I've walked in your shoes. Thanks for sharing this one. xox (Kelly)

  3. Mama ALWAYS wants company... especially pups. So please stop by anytime! This is for anyone in the area (I'm not kidding!!!) It's verrry lonely at The Rafael.

    Kelly, thanks for sharing... I didn't know! xo