Friday, July 20, 2012

Mama Remembers Barbra & "Dolly"

It's been one year since I was lucky enough to win a contest to meet Barbra Streisand on the set of her  movie, "The Guilt Trip" in Las Vegas. I still can't believe I actually met Barbra, a real sweetheart BTW! I only mention it because the other night I said to Mama "It was one year ago when I met Barbra, do you remember that?" "Of course I remember that...YOU met DOLLY". (Well, I guess she told me).

Mama has always loved Barbra & it was such a big deal for her that I won, even though she knew she wasn't going to meet her. We made a short funny video where Mama announced that "her son won a contest to meet Barbra Streisand". She got so excited that she had a coughing fit & started laughing, it was really comical. Watch her video below that was from one year ago...
We continued to talk about the Barbra meeting & I showed Mama some photos that were taken in Vegas again to refresh her memory. All of a sudden, Mama starts singing her own "version" of Hello Dolly! Sometimes Mama is right on the money & it still surprises me & helps lift my mood during our visits. It was a very creative take on the song, but just the fact that she had the connection between the song & the singer, was pretty remarkable. I hope you enjoy the two short videos that were filmed one year apart.

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