Sunday, May 14, 2023

Everyday Was Mother's Day

When I was a caregiver for Mama, everyday was Mother's Day. Like it or not, it was all about her. Whether it was doing her nails, bringing her favorite snacks, taking her out for dinner, a walk through the neighborhood, getting her hair done, making her laugh extra hard or just playing our nightly cards and singing... everyday was a special day.

I felt terrible for other mothers in the nursing home who only had their annual obligatory Mother's Day visits from their sons or daughters. It seemed as though they just didn't make the time or feel the need to keep a strong connection with their mother for the rest of the year. It made me feel sad, so whenever I'd see a mother without a visitor I'd try to engage them in small talk or at least try to make them smile. Sometimes a direct simple look into their eyes and a hello would make them smile. Mama would always get jealous whenever I did this during our nightly visits because it was our time together. She'd often say "did you come to visit them or me"?

As a caregiver you don't have to stress or limit yourself to that one day. Any day could be that special "Mother's Day". Call her, visit her, make the time you spend together count. After all if it wasn't for your mother... you wouldn't be here.

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