Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Mr Know It All... Memories of Mama

On a typical night, I would play parent and tell Mama what to do or what I thought may be best. I'd tell her to eat a ginger candy for digestion or we'd do deep breathing to help her relax (and me). Most nights we'd do some easy restorative Yoga exercises for mind, body and spirit. Here's a taste of a typical conversation... 

Mama: Okay, okay we'll exercise - whatever you say. You know best, you know everything.

Vin: I don't know everything, but I know some things that may be good for you.

Mama: So my Mr know it all... tell me. What's the weather gonna be like tomorrow?

Vin: How the hell should I know?

Mama: Well, I know! My hands are killin' me and that means it's gonna rain.

Mama was right. The next day, it rained. Once again mothers know best.

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