Thursday, November 27, 2014

Food + Holidays = Happy Mama

Food was everything to Mama. Mama felt very strongly about her food. Truth be told, she was obsessed up until the end. Whenever a Holiday was near, we'd ask her what she wanted to have for dinner. It didn't matter if it was Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter or a Birthday, it was always the same answer. She wanted macaroni and gravy... maybe a meatball. She'd never say pasta, it was always macaroni, just like it was always gravy, not sauce. I tried explaining the difference many times, but old habits die hard.

Growing up in an Italian family, pasta was the main event. Everything else was secondary, especially to Mama. Of course we'd start off with an antipasto. We'd have nonstop bread and rolls that never left the table. There'd also be either turkey, lamb, roast beef or ham. We'd take a break to play a few games or sing followed by a multitude of desserts with coffee - American coffee and Italian Espresso. Mama's most vivid memories (that Alzheimer's couldn't erase) was of her food and those special times around the dinner table with family.

I remember a typical conversation we'd have about planning the menu. The main difference was that now there were only the three of us and she wasn't doing the cooking...

Vin: Mama, what do you want to eat on Thanksgiving this year?
Mama: What the hell do you think I wanna eat? What do I always wanna eat?
Vin: Pasta?
Mama: Of course, what's wrong with you? I want my spaghetti and meatballs or maybe ravioli. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
Vin: Okay, Mama. We'll have your favorite dish again, as long as that'll make you happy.

Mama: I'm coming over to your place ain't I?
Vin: Yes, you're coming over to our place.
Mama: Then I'll be happy! Just make sure we have some macaroni with lots of cheese and some good Italian bread. 
Vin: Okay, okay. Anything else?
Mama: Yeah, don't forget... we gotta have coffee and cake. Oh my God, I'm gonna dream about it tonight.

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