Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Who doesn't like applause?

We promised Mama we'd continue her story and we've kept our promise. As we continue to develop our play "Some of These Daze" we dedicated the NYC readings to Mama.

One of the props we needed for the reading was a wheelchair. We borrowed one from a friend and it was very surreal wheeling it down the same hallway where we once lived. We'd always wheel Mama down the hallway when we brought her over for dinner from the nursing home. But this time... the chair was empty. 

Life goes on and her story continues. The readings of "Some of These Daze" really resonated with the audience. It brought tears, laughter and everyone related to it on some level... how great! We were overwhelmed by the response and we know Mama would be too! Who doesn't like the applause?

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