Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"My Nerves Are Shot!"

"My nerves are shot!" You don't know how long I've been hearing this from my mother. I think the first sentence I ever formed was "My nerves are shot."

I will ask Mama "How are you feeling tonite?" She'll say "I'm dying", then start to feign a highly dramatic cough, throw back her head & pretend that she just died.

I'll ask her "Mama, are you okay?" She'll sit up acting like the Queen of Sheeba, "Whaddya mean?" she'll say as if nothing has happened.

So, when people ask me why I say "Mama Drama", this is just one of the many reasons why she continues to rule as the Queen of Drama. Then there's my own Daily Drama with Mama Drama, which is just dealing with the nursing facility, the doctor, the nurses, & of course, the Star... Mama!

So let's see... how did I come up with the name "Dementia-Mama-Drama"? Hmmmm... did I tell you that MY nerves are shot?

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